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It will be obvious to some that our name,
Karmantics, is derived from the Sanskrit word
"karma," which means “action” and is generally
considered to suggest punishment or reward for
past actions. However, karma is neither judge nor
jury, but simply refers to the "Universal Law of
Cause and Effect" and, in the world of human
affairs, as the "law of cause and consequence."
Karma therein implies that our every thought, word
and action (intended or unintended) carries energy
into the world and affects our present and future

Karma can also refer to the “work” we humans
have ahead of us, which includes lessons from
both our present and our past lives. The term
"Karma," and its meaning, is familiar to over 700
million followers of Hinduism and over 300 million
adherents of Buddhism worldwide, but is no
stranger to millions of non-Hindus and non-
Buddhists, who embrace and understand it as,
“You reap what you sow!”or simply “What goes
around comes around."
M.Malcolm King
Heart of Mind Radio - 05.15.15
May 18th, 2015 by progressiveradionetwork
On today’s Heart Of Mind Radio, host Kathryn Davis invites the creators of a
remarkable new video game designed to enhance spiritual cultivation. Our
guests M. Malcolm King and Ron Williams are co-designers of
KARMANTRICKS: the game of Enlightenment. The discussion covers the
history and development of the game, how it was created first as a board
game and then converted to an on-line game. Also about its purpose and the
mission of its creators.  You can listen to the interview, click below: