Ron Williams
(Author and Screenwriter)
Sometime later, an Inner Circle Key Card and the Grim Reaper Cards were introduced.
In 2011 Ron diverted his focus from writing fiction and began co-creating a board game called Karma.  Before long he and his co-
designer, M. Malcolm King decided on the name Karmantricks: The Game of Enlightenment for the 21st Century and Beyond.  
The game was designed to encourage exuberant social interaction, moral learning and consciousness expansion -- note all the
spaces on the board represent “states of mind,” meant to challenge and stimulate the head and the heart.  Displayed below is the
game board in its earliest developments.
Below, is represented the 3D computer adaptations of the game created on
Unity.  Here, the board is suspended in space, can be turned 360 degrees and
pivoted up and down by players.